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Family friendly ghost towns in Colorado

Something I loved as a kid and something I am looking forward to doing with our own kids, is to visit a ghost town!   The spooky and the haunting beckons…ghost towns with family? Sounds like a crazy idea, but the idea of a haunted holiday is so much fun! Colorado’s mining boom and promises of quick […]

Closing weekend at Copper Mountain

Our family is fortunate enough to live in Denver, so skiing is a way of life for us.  One of our favorite place is summit county and, since we have ski passes, we decided to hit the slopes one last time to experience ski season closing weekend at Copper Mountain. The weekend started out with an easy […]

The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Every spring break, we go to Palm Springs, California to visit my parents and, this year, we decided to do something I haven’t done since I was a kid–the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Palm Springs is traditionally known as a playground for movie stars and hip people from LA.  To us, it’s just the place […]

The travels of George the monkey

When I was pregnant with Max, I received a Curious George stuffed monkey and a set of 4 Curious George books.  I don’t remember who gave it to me, but when Max was about 9 months, it became his “lovie”.  He carried that monkey everywhere and we started photographing George the monkey during our travels. […]

The Virgin Islands–which one is best?

St. John. No question, St. John is stunningly beautiful, easy to get to, uncrowded, unspoiled and all around perfect.  The first time Keith and I went there was on our honeymoon in 2003.  At the time, we were fancy free with no kids and a lot younger.  We were amazingly lucky to have two sets […]

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