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Tips for traveling with kids

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Unique Spring Break Options for 2017

Spring break travel to traditionally “easy” places like Mexico is at an all time high. Flights and accommodations from Denver to Cancun/Riviera Maya have been booked for months and those that aren’t cost 3 times what they were last year. Travel is up, especially to Mexico. If you haven’t booked your Spring Break yet, you may have […]


Awash With Wonder: The Most Amazing Waterfalls In The World

When we think about the places we should see in our lifetime, those that feature breathtaking natural wonders are definitely near the top of the list. They give us a much broader sense of our space in the world, which, as I’ve mentioned many times, is really important to us to show our children. They […]

Keeping kids entertained during long car trips

For many families, the most convenient way to travel anywhere is by car. We rarely take long trips mainly because Keith hates them, but there’s no arguing with the fact that driving a car offers infinite possibilities and freedom to choose your own route. While the kids might enjoy the initial part of the long trip, they […]


New York with Kids: Dos and Don’ts

When you’re planning a vacation with the kids, you may not immediately think of visiting New York. I know my husband dreads trying to navigate the busy subways and sidewalks. But if you manage to get past this, there’s a whole world of incredible sights to enjoy with children. If you’re looking for inspiration for your […]


Packing light for a family vacation

I consider packing light be be a bit of an art form and I learn something new every time we go on a trip together. Packing light for a family trip can be challenging to say the least, but sticking to certain habits can help a tremendously. ** please see bottom of article for addendum** […]


Family watersport activities to try this summer

This a guest post by Jack Fischer, owner of Southern Rose Parasailing and Dolphin Cruises   Family Watersport Activities To Try This Summer   Few vacation days are more memorable than those spent on the water. With so many watersports available to kids and adults of all ages, there’s no reason not to spend more […]

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