Belize with Kids

We've been to many countries in Central America, but for some reason, Belize fell by the wayside! Many families automatically think of Costa Rica when considering Central America (or in our case, Nicaragua and Panama!). We love Central America and all it's tropical...

Kauai with Kids

Kauai is a fabulous destination for a family getaway. With plenty of amazing beaches, hiking, fun on the water and a classic Aloha spirit - it's always a favorite beach destination. We went with our extended family so it was busy busy and had a fantastic time. There...

Family Friendly Turks and Caicos

We are constantly on the lookout for the perfect beach getaway. Caribbean always checks all the boxes, but it's sooo hard to get there from Denver. It always involves a stop (with the exception of seasonal Cayman Airways to Grand Cayman) and sometimes that stop is...

Should you book All Inclusive or a La Carte?

  When booking a vacation, a lot of families struggle with the question, "Should we book all inclusive or a la carte (European Plan)?" There are so many factors that go into that decision that I wrestle with it myself. What does European plan mean? Is it the same as...

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The Roaming Family

We are Melissa, Keith, Max and Zoe.  Melissa is a travel consultant and photographer. Keith is a strategy and finance consultant. Max and Zoe are just busy being kids!  We are a family who loves to travel.


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