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Entamanu Tented Camp with kids – a must do

After an amazing experience in the Serengeti, we didn’t think anything could possibly top it. But alas, we hadn’t experienced Entamanu tented camp with kids yet! Oh. My. Gosh. I could have stayed at this camp for a week! Beautiful, just beautiful. Everything was beyond perfect. Again, no hardship experienced during this camping! Our drive […]

Kuro Tented Camp with Family

Our journey to Tanzania began on a Friday afternoon.  We flew from Denver to DC, stayed overnight near the airport, boarded a plane the next morning for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and THEN took a connection to Kilimanjaro International Airport in Arusha, Tanzania. Whew! It was brutal. Absolutely brutal. But, as I say all the time […]

The best family travel company out there

There are no shortage of tour and travel companies out there. Some are good, some are bad. Many families don’t even think about booking through a tour company and stick to the basics – Disney, a California beach. Maybe the Grand Canyon. But anyone who follows our blog knows that we’re all about experiencing the […]

Tanzania with kids. Are we crazy?

I first visited Tanzania as a young, in shape 27 year old. Two friends and myself took two weeks to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and go on a safari. Boy have things changed since then! Almost 20 years later, I have married, had two children and we are now doing Tanzania with kids. And I’m not […]

Jackson Hole Photography Safaris

During our trip to Jackson Hole, my only requirement was to see a grizzly bear. I’ve seen plenty of black bears here in Colorado, most notably the one digging through my parent’s neighbor’s trash not too long ago. Side note: the scaredy cat ran away after our fierce 8 pound dog barked. Anyway, the only […]

The Morph Pillow: An essential travel item

This post was sponsored by Morph Pillow. Although this product was sponsored, this doesn’t affect the review and all opinions on this post are mine.   I’m constantly on the hunt for pillows, blankets or other travel items to make traveling more comfortable. Long flights, dealing with kid craziness and fatigue are real ya’ll. So […]

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