Practical Family Travel Tips from Practical Families

  Family travel is scary to some, but definitely doable when you put your mind to it! Whenever I hear good tips from fellow bloggers, I keep them in the back of my mind for a helpful post for all. So I bring you below…….family travel tips from practical families!   Family Travel Tips from […]

The perfect girl’s trip to Dubai

Because we lived in the Middle East for a time, Dubai was a weekend trip for us and we took advantage of that! A quick hop, skip and a jump, Dubai is actually an extremely family friendly destination. However, because of it’s distance to the U.S., a lot of people reserve it for a “stopover […]

Navigating Tanzania with Kids

Taking a safari with young kids sounds like a daunting task. Long flights, strange foods and a totally different culture really puts off some parents. I have parents call me all the time and tell me that the thought of navigating somewhere as close (in distance and culture) as Mexico seems insurmountable to them. Don’t […]

Serengeti Safari Camp with family

What is Serengeti Safari Camp with family like? Ask my kids what the first thing we saw when we pulled in and their eyes light up. “LIONS!” They’ll yell. “We had 4 lions RIGHT ABOVE our TENT!!” And they’re telling the truth.  We pulled into our camp (30 seconds after guide Rem said, “Ten minutes!”), […]

Travel to Zanzibar and what you need to know

Zanzibar is a small island off the coast of Tanzania. It’s technically a part of Tanzania, although it is semi autonomous. A tropical climate and plenty of beaches, combined with an Arabic culture, make Zanzibar quite a fascinating place. Travel to Zanzibar is a pretty easy jump from Tanzania, but there are definitely things to […]

Family friendly safari – how to make it reality

When we started tossing around the idea of a safari a few years ago, it seemed like an impossible dream. I had been to Tanzania before and I remembered how hard it was to plan, how much red tape their was, how long the flight was, etc, etc, etc. Going through all that with two […]