The following post is a guest post by Jess Signet, avid traveler and travel blogger at Tripelio.  She has spent the last 3 years traveling the globe and has no plans to slow down! 🙂


Traveling with kids can seem like a huge undertaking, and to be sure, it’s no easy feat.  However, with the integration of portable technology, such as smartphones and mobile devices into every aspect of our lives, traveling with kids is getting easier day by day.  That’s because app developers are constantly finding new ways to make the traveling family’s lives easier by giving us great apps that help us along for smoother journeys.  Here, we’ll explore five of the most helpful apps when it comes to traveling with kids.

Sunday Drives

When you’re on a long car ride with the kids, it doesn’t take long for things to get a little boring, especially with the younger and more easily excitable crowd.  Thankfully, with Sunday Drives, long car trips don’t have to be boring!  This app uses your location as you make your way to your final destination to point out interesting landmarks, historical events and fun facts about the places you drive.  So, even if you’re just passing through a town, you’ll be able to learn more about the people and events that put the place on the map.  This app is a special way to entertain your young travelers, because instead of relying on distraction to keep kids calm and quiet, it offers a fun way to learn and be engaged in traveling, no matter what their age!


This app is great for travel in general, but it can be used especially for traveling with kids, no matter where in the world your family adventure takes you!  TripAdvisor features the best and most accurate maps and navigation, so that you’re never wandering the streets of a new city with your family.  It also has so many user reviews to help guide your activities, with entire forums dedicated to family-friendly places to eat, explore and have fun with your kids!  Furthermore, TripAdvisor is easy to use, so kids can be part of the planning and navigation throughout your trip!


There are plenty of VPN apps on the market, and you’ll definitely want to try out at least one of them! What a VPN app does is virtually relocate your internet-connected device.  It does this by rerouting your information through a server in a host country, which makes it appear that you’re actually in the same country as that server.  This can be super useful for everything from maintaining access to games and media that might be blocked wherever you’re traveling, to keeping your financial information secure as you pay for things on the go.

Tales 2 Go

This app is especially great for the young readers in your family, as well as for people of any age who love a good story!  Tales 2 Go, which is a subscription-based app, brings you and your family all of your favorite books for all ages in an audio format.  This allows kids to engage with literature on the road without the worries of carsickness from reading while on the go.  This app is great for traveling because it also cuts down on the luggage space, since kids won’t be carrying so many heavy books!

Pack & Go

This app is perfect for planning a trip with kids, especially if you find yourself responsible for packing and making sure that the kids have absolutely everything that they need.  Pack & Go enables you to enter the ages of the kids you’re traveling with, the dates and destinations of your travel, as well as any activities that you plan to do on your trip.  Then, the app makes itemized lists for each little traveler to ensure that you remember everything that you need to make the trip perfect!  The app also makes reminders and allows you to customize lists based on the number of bags you plan to carry.

On the whole, safety and fun are the most important aspects for traveling with kids.  These apps will ensure that both of criteria are met every time!  What apps have you found helpful for long trips with your kids?  Feel free to share with us in the comments section below!


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