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Five family friendly activities in Nassau

We were pretty excited to visit Nassau on our cruise last month, as we’ve never been to the Bahamas. Keith also loves SCUBA diving so he was hoping he could do that in the short 10 hours we were there. Our cruise was due to dock around 7:30am and our servers at dinner the night […]


Castaway Cay with family

Every Disney cruise in the Caribbean has one main thing in common….Castaway Cay, Disney’s own privately owned island, open to cruisers only. We were excited about the concept when we went on our cruise. A private island? How fun! It made us feel like VIPs. However, given our extreme wanderlust and love for places off […]


Family Travel – A Tale of Lost Luggage pt. 2

To catch the beginning of our travel tale, click here. We set off for the baggage claim, which involved waiting for 15 minutes (yep, more waiting) for a bus to take us there. The kids were exhausted, we were exhausted and we tried not to think about what we had ahead of us…..at least 3 […]


Do’s and Don’ts for a Disney Cruise

Not being avid cruisers, our family was flying a little blind when we embarked on our Disney cruise last week. The last cruise I went on was spring break my junior year of college when my friends and I booked a cheap Carnival cruise. Keith’s last cruise was spring break during grad school. Both trips […]


Family Travel: A tale of lost luggage

My family travel travel style ranges from totally laid back to completely uptight and there is absolutely no in between. I’m either easy breezy, assuming everything is going to work out with our transportation and I check everything and simply bring a purse on the plane; or I’m type A, making lists, running through every […]


Ten things to do on a Disney Cruise

All my life, and in early parenting years, I swore on my mother’s life I would NEVER do a Disney trip. Friends and I used to joke that Disney was slowly taking over the world and we would never ever ever go to Disney World (DisneyLand was exempt since it was Walt Disney’s “original” theme […]