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My favorite travel photography photos

I am a portrait photographer in addition to being an avid traveler and budding travel blogger.  I enjoy all facets of photography and my Denver based studio specializes in family and children’s portraits.  However, if I could figure out how to make it work logistically with our family, I would specialize in travel photography.  This […]

Start Here — Traveling with Kids

Heck yes you can travel with kids!  In fact, I argue that there are great deals to be had when you are traveling with kids as opposed to without. Too many people think that having babies and having a family reduce your life to nothing but dirty diapers, pinching pennies, non-stop cooking and breaking up arguments. While […]


Lebanon while pregnant – Beirut with kids

What can I say about doing Lebanon while pregnant, other than yikes…..this is not for the faint of heart.  Now, everyone handles pregnancy differently, but lets just say I have a high pain tolerance and I was pretty stoic for my first pregnancy.  I rocked high heels a week before my due date. I walked […]

The travels of George the monkey

When I was pregnant with Max, I received a Curious George stuffed monkey and a set of 4 Curious George books.  I don’t remember who gave it to me, but when Max was about 9 months, it became his “lovie”.  He carried that monkey everywhere and we started photographing George the monkey during our travels. […]