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Azul Beach Resorts Mexico

With 90% of my travel clients being families, I am always on the hunt for family friendly resorts in Mexico. And I’m looking for our little family, as well! Mexico has such a rich culture, and has so many activities. Not to mention fantastic weather. Recently I spent some time on the Riviera Maya and […]


Hotel Review: Hotel Casa San Agustin in Cartagena

We have stayed in cheap hostels, luxury hotels and everything in between. After approximately 20 countries together, and countless hotels, it’s rare that we walk away from a resort or hotel thinking “wow, we want to come back.” We are the types who want to experience a different resort and country every time and we never […]


Over the top vacations to take after winning the lottery

Wondering what you would do with your life if you won the lottery? Keith and I love to think about what we would do with a huge chunk of money should we win the lottery. Aside from starting our own business or something along those lines, we would definitely travel. Probably not indefinitely, but for […]


Five family friendly activities at Four Seasons Scottsdale Resort

For the past few years, our Denver school system has had a “Fall break” during the month of October. I actually welcome it, as the kids seem pretty brain fried already and it gives our family a nice long weekend for a trip nearby. This year, we headed to Scottsdale to visit the Four Seasons […]


The Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch: A Hotel Review

What a weekend! We realized last month that we hadn’t been to the mountains at all for the entire summer. For as much as we are a skiing family, summer or fall is actually my favorite time to visit the mountains. Families can get great deals, the days are warm and sunny and the nights are […]


The perfect anniversary trip to Mexico

As much as we love traveling as a family and showing our kids as much of the world as possible, mom and dad need a little alone time! For our tenth anniversary , we looked for the perfect anniversary trip to Mexico because it’s so easy to get to from Denver. A little less than 4 hours […]

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