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Family friendly Nicaragua

We have received a lot of strange looks when telling people that we visited Nicaragua for a vacation. “Was it dangerous?” “You brought your kids there?” Both were common questions. On the contrary, Nicaragua is not only safe, but a fantastic vacation option. Located in Central America, Nicaragua is relatively close, and still has the […]


Over the top vacations to take after winning the lottery

Wondering what you would do with your life if you won the lottery? Keith and I love to think about what we would do with a huge chunk of money should we win the lottery. Aside from starting our own business or something along those lines, we would definitely travel. Probably not indefinitely, but for […]


Getting lost in Kathmandu’s Monkey Temple

Anyone who knows me, knows I am obsessed with Nepal and have wanted to go there since I was about 20 years old and saw a picture of Mt. Everest. I am fascinated with the people, the culture, the architecture such as Kathmandu’s Monkey Temple, everything. In fact, when Keith first started talking about a […]


Ten things to do on a Disney Cruise

All my life, and in early parenting years, I swore on my mother’s life I would NEVER do a Disney trip. Friends and I used to joke that Disney was slowly taking over the world and we would never ever ever go to Disney World (DisneyLand was exempt since it was Walt Disney’s “original” theme […]

I’m an official travel advisor

I am so excited to announce that I am an official travel advisor with Departure Lounge, an innovative travel agency based in Austin, Texas. Departure Lounge is a combination wine bar/coffee shop/travel agency. I’m really proud to be an affiliated advisor with them and excited to start helping other people be inspired by the travel […]