This article is a guest post written by April Yap. April is an online publisher for The Cabins at Grand Mountain in Branson, MO. She often writes about camping, Midwest traveling, and log cabin experiences.


Spending your family vacation in Branson is certainly time well spent. This small town is located at the heart of the Ozark Mountains in Missouri. Despite being a rather small town, it has blossomed into a major tourist attraction for families looking for wholesome and unforgettable vacation destinations. Even though most of the Midwestern destinations tend to focus solely on cowboy and country flavored activities, Branson is different. There is a great variety of small town and big city entertainment to delight a cross-section of travelers. Therefore, it is the best option for your family if you are longing for a getaway for the holidays.

In the winter, Branson comes to life. A rather quaint and quiet part of Missouri for most part of the year, it transforms into a magical winter landscape for the holidays. And it is not just the natural landscape that transforms – all attractions join in with the Christmas spirit and adorn the theme parks, shows and other destinations to remind one of the holidays. Surely, seeing all these lights and hearing the festive music will stir the kid in everyone’s hearts.

Caving at Talking Rocks Cavern

If you’ve been to Branson before, chances are you’ve heard about this particular attraction. But if you aren’t drawn in by the idea of exploring a cave, wait until you see this during winter. You and your family can head underground and escape the cold winter. During your cave tour, you get to explore gemstone mining from below the ground so you get to experience it first-hand. There is also a rock shop at the Talking Rocks Cavern for those who like to bring home souvenirs. Along with the tour is an educational guide that will provide a glimpse into the geological history of the area within the Ozark Mountains. Who knew learning would be so fun?

Silver Dollar City

This is no doubt a family favorite – kids and adults alike are sure to have fun exploring the rides and attractions at Silver Dollar City! Quite possibly, this is the most popular tourist attraction in Branson. But for an unforgettable time, visit during the winter wherein the park literally transforms into a winter wonderland. It is also a good time to learn or sharpen up on your skating skills as an ice skating rink is open for the winter. If you’re an ice hockey fan, or someone in the family is, this is also a great time to catch a game of the Missouri State Bears!

Acrobats of China

This is an experience that your family will not forget for years to come. When in Branson for the winter holidays, don’t miss the New Shanghai Circus show. This is a popular show that features Chinese acrobats perform acrobatic tricks and death defying stunts! There are over 40 performers showcasing their impressive talents during the show that includes contortionists, people walking on a trapeze or aerial ballets. This is no doubt a show suited for people of all ages!

When traveling to Branson with your family, expect no less than a Midwestern extravaganza. There is so much to see and do around this famed Midwest town! Hopefully, these ideas will help your family plan an unforgettable vacation.




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