Who likes road trips? I love them, Keith hates them. I’m not really sure why he hates them, as he loves to see all sorts of things and what better way to see a lot of things than a road trip? Granted, family road trips have their challenges – fighting kids, tired parents, finding hotels along the way and in general just trying to get along with each other while in a car. We just took a quick road trip up to Breckenridge this past weekend and we are planning a family road trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico in November. So when Wyndham Vacation Rentals contacted me about a study they recently did on road trips, I was really excited to read about it and see what the rest of America thinks.

The following info graphic is a summary of American road trip travelers. I was shocked to learn that, on average, vacation rental travelers are willing to drive up to 12.3 hours for a vacation. I would never be able to convince Keith on that! He just wants to get on a plane and “get there”, as he says. It was also interesting to learn that 49% of women versus 41% of men describe their driving style as “petal to the metal”. Keith is the fast driver in this family and I definitely don’t petal to the metal! And the health nut in me was thrilled to see that only 4% of vacation rental travelers choose fast food as their top choice. Fast food grosses me out! Although I must admit if it takes McDonalds to bribe my kids into good behavior, I’ve been know to do it! And Keith adores Arbys (retch!).

Family road trips can be really fun if you think them out in advance, but we have never gone for the full out 12 hour drive with our kids. We’re too scared!

Do you love road trips? Where are your favorite places to go and what do you like to see of do on the way?

Check out this super interesting info graphic…..


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