The following post is a contribution from Larry Klimczyk, Executive Director of International Vacation Home Exchange, a company based in London specializing in luxury home exchange worldwide.  


We all love a great family vacation.  Either with your immediate family or maybe even inviting your extend family; grandparents, cousins etc.  But what do you do for space?  When everyone is cramped in a small area it can somehow flair the tempers, not best for a good time.  Yet to get a place big enough for everyone, can you really afford the accommodation?  Imagine a bedroom for everyone with a kitchen and dining area for everyone to share.  How about a family room, just like at home, where stories are told and memories are made?

To make the above a reality, you will need a proper home as your vacation base and to make it completely affordable, the answer is home exchange.  It’s a perfect way for everyone to relax and enjoy their special moments while on vacation.  When you exchange homes for a vacation you are staying in an environment that is spacious and has all the amenities that enable you to relax and enjoy your time together.  For some it is cooking as a family, or playing around your own pool, or watching a movie or for others it may be simply relaxing on a deck, talking and watching a wonderful sunset.

When selecting homes to visit you can search by many features including: location, size (number of bedrooms / bathrooms), activities (like beach, golf, horseback riding, scuba, fishing etc.) conveniences and amenities (pool, WIFI, washing machine, dryer, etc.)  You select the best options that will allow your family to have the best time possible while away on vacation.

If you are new to home exchange, download a Free guide that gives you useful hints and tips.

All this sounds great but what about the affordability?  In addition to the great experience of staying in a real home, home exchange will save you thousands in accommodation costs.  You can exchange with either your primary residence or with your own vacation home, either way you are going to avoid huge hotel or resort costs.  Plus with the convenience of having a kitchen, you can opt to save money on meals too, though you are on vacation, so a few meals out is always a good plan!

Give home exchange a try for you next family vacation, you will be pleasantly surprised about how easy it is and how much your family will enjoy the time together.

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