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Family Watersport Activities To Try This Summer  

Few vacation days are more memorable than those spent on the water. With so many watersports available to kids and adults of all ages, there’s no reason not to spend more time on the water as a family.

Whether you’re a family of experienced scuba divers or are first-time beach visitors, there’s more than one exciting and safe watersport that’s ready to accommodate all of you. The following are several family friendly, water-based activities that are guaranteed to ignite that lifelong love of the water in every member of your family.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

There’s a reason stand up paddle boarding is one of the fastest-growing watersports in the world today. It’s a sport that combines exercise with fun, the water and often stunning coastal scenery. The sport — which involves standing on the deck of a buoyant surfboard-like board and propelling yourself with a paddle — is one that’s fun for all ages. Parents can paddle with their child on the deck of the board or allow the child to ride his or her own kids stand up paddle board.

It’s important to learn how to paddle board from a reputable stand up paddle boarding rental company, so you and your little ones are outfitted with the correct life jackets and brief lessons before hitting the sea.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Scuba diving is often considered an adult activity, but many families don’t know that the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) offers a wide range of diving courses for children. Parents can introduce their children and teenagers to the many wonders below the surface of the sea at accredited dive schools. These schools offer a selection of programs that introduce kids to scuba diving in protected surroundings. The first PADI course accepts kids ages 8 and older.

Another way to get your child used to life under water is to teach him or her how to snorkel. Many resorts, cruises and beach towns offer family friendly snorkeling tours, but it’s important to teach your youngster how to snorkel in a tub or the shallow end of a pool first.


The thought of dangling 800 feet in the air may seem scary at first. However, parasailing is a safe and exhilarating activity that can create lifelong memories. This popular vacation thrill offers the unique feeling of flying to children ages 3 and up; however, it is recommended that adults always accompany their children in flight. There’s simply no better way to fall in love with the grandeur of the ocean than from above.


Kayaking and canoeing are paddle sports that provide a way for families to get on the water for an affordable price. You don’t need an ocean or big, expensive boat to kayak. Many popular vacation destinations near lakes, rivers and oceans offer kayak rental facilities.

It’s recommended that your child can swim at least a 50-meter distance independently before operating his or her own kayak. However, some rental companies do allow younger kids to kayak or canoe when accompanied by an adult. Be sure to follow life jacket requirements and stick to tranquil waters when kayaking as a family.


Fishing is a watersport that requires very little equipment and can be enjoyed on just about any body of water. While deep-sea fishing excursions can be exciting for kids (and often involve catching more fish), families can also fish from piers, docks or the shoreline. Kids of all ages can enjoy the fun of fishing; however, kids ages 6 and older, are more likely to enjoy the full fishing experience than younger ones.

Keep family fishing excursions fun and safe by ensuring that your child always wears a life jacket. Avoid slippery or steep areas and always handle the hooks for your little anglers.

Family Watersport Safety

Enjoying the water as a family is one of the best ways to make the most of your upcoming summer getaway. However, safety is always most important. Be sure your children are experienced swimmers before getting them involved in any watersports, and remember to keep sunscreen on hand at all times.

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Author Bio: Jack Fisher has helped visitors have exciting and memorable vacations on the Alabama Gulf Coast for over a decade. Initially hired as a manager in 2005, Fisher purchased Southern Rose Parasailing & Dolphin Cruises from his former boss in the winter of 2014. Since taking ownership, Fisher has worked tirelessly to ensure that his customers have unforgettable vacations.

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