Hyatt Regency Lost Pines, located between Austin and a tiny town called Bastrop, Texas, is a hidden gem of a family resort. Situated in an area called “Lost Pines” 30 minutes outside of the city, this resort has everything a family could want and is a little bit of a change from the typical beach vacation we all covet so.

The hotel does not have transportation provided from Austin airport, but getting there is very simple by either renting a car or grabbing a taxi. Uber and Lyft were just banned in Austin, as of May 9, but the taxis are very nice. Our taxi had bottled water and candy available! A quick, 30 minute ride brings you to a long winding driveway, leading you towards the resort. Expect to pay between $15 and $30 for a taxi.

The road up to the hotel winds through pine trees and fields of poppies and grasses. Just beautiful. Along the way, you may see horseback riders or people out hiking. When you pull into the large circular driveway, you feel like you’re in a special place. Texas! A friendly bell boy will open your door for you and retrieve your bags, while politely calling you ma’am (which normally makes me feel old, but something about a sweet Texas boy saying it made it not so bad). Walking into the enormous lobby, you’ll see everything you would imagine in Texas…. several large fireplaces, beautiful stone floors and fantastic woodwork. Check-in is speedy and efficient and, of course, polite because Texas. Upon getting our keys we were directed where to go and we discovered how big the resort really is.

We walked through the lobby, came to a smaller lobby with a bar and another fireplace, took a right and ended up by two restaurants and a room with a dog named Boots, the hotel dog. We took another right, passed by a big game room for kids, went down a huge hallway, passed a room with washers and dryers (so convenient for families on a vacation), came to a large vestibule with three hallways pointing in different directions. Our hallway was towards the right and we found our room promptly.

We booked a one bedroom suite and it suited our needs perfectly. Laid out so the bathroom was in between the bedroom and the living room, which had a large pull out couch, it was perfect for a family of four. A large table in the middle of the lounge area was convenient to put my computer on and a coffee maker made me very happy. In addition, two bottles of water were available free of charge, a rarity these days. Opening the sliding glass door revealed two chairs and small table on a patio and a beautiful view of the surrounding trees. Unfortunately it also gave us a view right onto all the other patios of the rooms that were to the left of us (down one of these many hallways), but most people were out and about and we weren’t really bothered by it.

The hotel front desk is kind enough to give you a calendar of events upon check-in and, perusing it showed us there was no shortage of activities. On our first day alone, there was Capture the Flag, Archery and A Hawk Walk. The following days had Ultimate Frisbee, Kickball, and Trap Shooting. In addition, one of the nights had a family movie night. Clearly this hotel wants to keep people busy, while at the same time provide things for couples and honeymooners.

The pool was first on our list. It’s huge and has something for everyone. A large pool, primarily filled with families and kids dominates the area closest to the hotel. It has plenty of seating and shade, a volleyball net, a huge water feature for kids and a water slide. We loved the fact that they had an area of sand leading right up to the pool, giving it a beach feel.

Walking further past the family pool and past a bar, we found the adults only pool. This area is perfect for those without children, It’s secluded and tucked away and you can’t even hear the kid’s pool. It’s surrounded by trees and quiet and had I been there as a couple, I would have been more than satisfied. Surrounding the entire pool area is a lazy river, which connects the adults pool, kid’s pool and smaller pools tucked throughout the resort area. We spent much of our time on the lazy river! As did most of the families….when they weren’t on the water slide. Bar and cafe service is prompt and efficient. We really had no complaints.

Dinner that evening in Firewheel Cafe was pleasant, with plenty of outdoor seating. The portions were huge and the atmosphere was great. Service was a little bit slow and there seemed to be some minor confusion as to who our server was, but other than that, it was a great dinner and very family friendly. Similarly, breakfast in Firewheel Cafe and lunch the following day in Old Bucks was filled with great food and a wonderful atmosphere. The main bar, Shellers Barrelhouse Bar is comforting and fun, although the air conditioning was too high for our taste. After dinner on certain nights, they have S’mores by the large fireplace right outside. Families gather to make S’mores. It’s a true Texas experience for children.

Our first full day at the resort was my favorite – Django Spa. Ahhhhh. This is a first class experience and it’s no wonder the spa has received so many awards. The main lobby is specious and quiet and smells delicious. The locker rooms provide everything you could ever want, from hairdryers to toothbrushes to amazing showers with rain shower fixtures. In addition, there is a wonderful waiting area, a great steam room and sauna and an outdoor whirlpool, which is covered in case of rain. The massage was excellent and a great way for mom to relax before gearing up for the next activity at this family resort.

Each day, the resort brings the hotel mascots out for people to get to know and we saw the alpacas, the Longhorn steer, the miniature horses and Boots the dog. While guests pet the mascots, the Stetson clad staff gives background on them and explains everything you need to know about that particular animal. Children love it and the animals bask in the attention.

Hyatt Regency Lost Pines may not be in the middle of Austin, but there is no shortage of fun things to do and see. It’s a perfect resort for a family vacation and we plan to go back. And it’s popular……I had at least 5 people send me Facebook messages about how much they love the resort after I posted some pictures on my Roaming Family Instagram Page. If you’re looking for a family vacation without the traditional beach, this is the place.




Photos courtesy of Hyatt Regency Lost Pines


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