A family vacation is something we all need once in while, but what about your home and valuables left at home? Home security on vacation is a concern and should be taken seriously. Vacation is the time to pack up all your worries and leave them behind. If you take the time to properly secure your home before leaving, you may be able to sit back and enjoy the beach, mountains or wherever your travels take you. Guest poster, David Nance of SABRE , a home security systems tells me how to go about it.

Stop Being Social


Once upon a time, people shared a bit of their vacation with friends and family by sending postcards. Facebook, Foursquare and Instagram are the 21st century equivalent of postcards. However, rather than going out only to the recipient, social media has the potential to reach not only friends, but friends of friends, and friends of their friends, any one of whom could turn out to be the burglar who breaks into your home. Police warn that tech-savvy burglars are known to scour Facebook for targeted keywords, and use Foursquare to see who has checked into airports and restaurants, and therefore are not home.

If you don’t think you can refrain from sharing, remove the temptation and take a vacation from social media for the duration of your trip; and keep an eye on your children and teens who may not share your anti-social ambitions. Just think of the fun you’ll all have posting photos and commentary once you return home. In fact, it’s a wonderful way to extend the vacation!

Disable Your Phone

No, you don’t have to totally disable your phone. Some mobile devices, by default, give out your location if the GPS feature is on. If your smartphone has this feature, you can turn off location sharing quite easily by going into settings on both iPhones and Android phones.

Dealing With Snail Mail

Although USPS will keep your mail at the post office until you return, the sight of the postal carrier bypassing your mailbox day after day is an obvious indication that you’re away. It’s a better idea to ask a close-by neighbor to grab your mail when your neighbor gets his or hers, and offer to return the favor when your neighbor goes away for vacation.

Leave on a Nightlight


In the days leading up to your vacation, note which rooms your family frequents during the evening, and what time each family member turns in for the night. Use programmable timers to approximate these nocturnal patterns in each of these rooms. As for outdoor lighting, if you don’t already use a combination of solar and motion-detector lights year-round, make it a goal to do so, since this means your exterior lights will remain the same as when you’re home. Plug SABRE’s TV Light Simulator (SKU: HS-FTV-7)

Install Your Own Home Security System
Although there are some expensive home security systems that involve intricate wiring and connection to an off-site monitoring station, there are also affordable wireless home security systems and standalone home alarms with built-in sirens that you can customize and set up in your home on your own. They allow you to arm your windows and doors with sensors that sound an alarm should any would-be intruders tamper with them. Not only will your neighbors be apprised of the situation so they can call the police, but the startled burglars will most likely flee your property with the sound of the siren still ringing in their ears.

Install Security Cameras — or Not

Intruders are looking for a home they can slip in and out of, leaving no trace of their presence, except for your missing possessions. If they think your home has security cameras trained on them, they will bypass it. You can install a camera system or give the impression you did. There are a variety of fake security cameras on the market realistic enough to fool an expert. Or, post “Warning: Security Cameras On Premises” stickers on your windows and a similar sign in your yard. Link to SABRE fake security cameras somewhere here

By following these security guidelines, you can leave your home with peace of mind and enjoy your vacation!

Author bio: David Nance is a nationally acclaimed personal safety and home security expert who has been featured on the History channel, Spike TV, FOX & Friends and more. He is also the CEO/V.P. of Sales & Marketing at SABRE — a company that specializes in wireless home security alarms and self-defense products.  


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