liebster-awardI’m excited to announce that The Roaming Family has been nominated for a Liebster Award. The Leibster Award is defined as:

Liebster award is a prize for newbie/starting bloggers from other bloggers and it works on a chain letter principles. The one who nominated you for the award has posted 10 questions. In order to accept the award you have to answer them and obviously think of other 10 questions to ask bloggers you will nominate (5-10 newbie bloggers). 

So, not a huge deal, but really just a nice way how to introduce yourself a little more to your readers and fellow bloggers. I always love supporting other bloggers and want my readers to know a little about me 🙂

I was nominated by Andrea Schejbalová of, a great blogger living in Prague who makes travel a huge priority and has some great stories and tips about traveling the world. She particularly has a lot of travel to talk about in Europe and Asia.

Here are the questions I received from Andrea:

  1. Do you need any special environment while writing your blog? I love love love writing in coffee shops. There’s a great coffee shop by me called Logan House Coffee Company, in the Stanley Market Place in Denver. Such a great atmosphere, and I love supporting local shops.
  2. Which post of yours are you most proud of and why? I love the posts where I give actual help and tips to readers that feel useful. I love telling stories of our travels, but there’s nothing more rewarding than someone writing me out of the blue and telling me they want to hire me to plan their trip or just to thank me for something they got out of a particular post. It’s the best. And it makes me feel like I’m providing value and inspiring families to travel more.
  3. Who is your biggest supporter/motivator in blogging? My family of course! As a family, we talk about travel a lot – where we want to go next, what things are important to us. Things like that. My kids are amazing – they are constantly coming up with new and different places they would like to see. Max is wanting to see Brazil and Zoe is currently obsessed with Japan.
  4. If you have to give 3 easy tips for starting bloggers, what would they be? Take a course on blogging. There are a lot out there, but research the options and look at who is offering the course. Do they have a successful blog themselves? Also, have a clearcut reason for your blog – is it for fun? A business? Write down why you have a blog and stick to that plan. Don’t start a blog about food and randomly change to fashion. Know what you’re writing about.
  5. What keeps you motivated for blogging? It’s hard sometimes. Writing takes a lot of time and add in my kids, our travel, my husband’s job and my travel consulting biz and writing is a big time suck sometimes. Helping people find inspiration and plan a great trip really keeps me motivated.
  6. What is your next destination? We’re going to California in a few days, Wyoming in August and Tanzania in November. I also have a work trip to Mexico for my travel business coming up in about a month.
  7. What special item you always take with you on travels? Can’t live without my computer!
  8. Name your 3 top cuisines you’ve tasted. A Flemish Stew in Bruges, Belgium; Wildebeest in Tanzania and lobster in St. John.
  9. What was the biggest surprise while traveling? I was very surprised that we managed to do a 17 day trip to Cambodia and Vietnam with a 4 year old and an 11 month old and survive.
  10. Where was the most breath-taking view that you’ll remember forever? Mt. Everest from a teeny tiny plan out of Kathmandu or walking through the Siq of Petra and seeing the Treasury building coming into view.



Well! I guess it’s my turn to nominate some people. This may take me a few days of brainstorming!





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