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Azul Beach Resorts Mexico

With 90% of my travel clients being families, I am always on the hunt for family friendly resorts in Mexico. And I’m looking for our little family, as well! Mexico has such a rich culture, and has so many activities. Not to mention fantastic weather. Recently I spent some time on the Riviera Maya and […]


Travel Experts Tell All: Adventure Travel with Family

When most people go on a family vacation, they make it as easy as possible. A beach… maybe the mountains. But these traveling families take family vacations to a whole new level! Some bloggers tell me all about their favorite adventure travel with family. Melissa with The Family Voyage Do you ever feel like you […]


Family Travel – A Tale of Lost Luggage pt. 2

To catch the beginning of our travel tale, click here. We set off for the baggage claim, which involved waiting for 15 minutes (yep, more waiting) for a bus to take us there. The kids were exhausted, we were exhausted and we tried not to think about what we had ahead of us…..at least 3 […]


A Santa Fe Vacation with Kids

  A Santa Fe Vacation with kids Santa Fe is a favorite place for our family to visit because Keith’s parents live there part-time and it’s such an easy and beautiful drive from our house in Denver. The city is nestled in a valley beneath the San Juan mountains and easily has the best sunsets […]

Labor Day in Breckenridge

Sometimes last minute trips are fun with a family. We took a very last minute trip earlier this summer to Playa del Carmen and when Labor Day rolled around we realized we had nothing planned, we immediately set about planning something because Heaven forbid we stay around the house and just relax! We love the […]


Family road trips

Who likes road trips? I love them, Keith hates them. I’m not really sure why he hates them, as he loves to see all sorts of things and what better way to see a lot of things than a road trip? Granted, family road trips have their challenges – fighting kids, tired parents, finding hotels along […]

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