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I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award!

I’m excited to announce that The Roaming Family has been nominated for a Liebster Award. The Leibster Award is defined as: Liebster award is a prize for newbie/starting bloggers from other bloggers and it works on a chain letter principles. The one who nominated you for the award has posted 10 questions. In order to accept […]


Unique Spring Break Options for 2017

Spring break travel to traditionally “easy” places like Mexico is at an all time high. Flights and accommodations from Denver to Cancun/Riviera Maya have been booked for months and those that aren’t cost 3 times what they were last year. Travel is up, especially to Mexico. If you haven’t booked your Spring Break yet, you may have […]


Top tips for a perfect family vacation in France

France is a perennial feature in the top tourist destination lists, even in light of the recent problems there. The country is beautiful, full of culture and has amazing food and wine, so if you’re thinking about going on a family vacation, why not consider France? It is a vast and varied country, which offers incredible […]


5 Essential Apps for Travel with Kids

The following post is a guest post by Jess Signet, avid traveler and travel blogger at Tripelio.  She has spent the last 3 years traveling the globe and has no plans to slow down! 🙂 Traveling with kids can seem like a huge undertaking, and to be sure, it’s no easy feat.  However, with the integration […]


Family Travel – A Tale of Lost Luggage pt. 2

To catch the beginning of our travel tale, click here. We set off for the baggage claim, which involved waiting for 15 minutes (yep, more waiting) for a bus to take us there. The kids were exhausted, we were exhausted and we tried not to think about what we had ahead of us…..at least 3 […]


Family Travel: A tale of lost luggage

My family travel travel style ranges from totally laid back to completely uptight and there is absolutely no in between. I’m either easy breezy, assuming everything is going to work out with our transportation and I check everything and simply bring a purse on the plane; or I’m type A, making lists, running through every […]

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