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tips for traveling with children

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The Morph Pillow: An essential travel item

This post was sponsored by Morph Pillow. Although this product was sponsored, this doesn’t affect the review and all opinions on this post are mine.   I’m constantly on the hunt for pillows, blankets or other travel items to make traveling more comfortable. Long flights, dealing with kid craziness and fatigue are real ya’ll. So […]

The myth of waiting to enjoy family travel

Something happens to us when we have children. We think that our lives need to be put on hold and we need to “wait” for certain things to come into our lives. We go from living our lives for ourselves, to living our lives for these little people. Many of us are definitely waiting to […]

Start Here — Traveling with Kids

Heck yes you can travel with kids!  In fact, I argue that there are great deals to be had when you are traveling with kids as opposed to without. Too many people think that having babies and having a family reduce your life to nothing but dirty diapers, pinching pennies, non-stop cooking and breaking up arguments. While […]

Getting sick on vacation

What would you do if you were in Cambodia with your 4-year-old and your 11 month old, on a jam-packed two-week tour of Southeast Asia, and you suddenly noticed your 11 month old had a horrendous thrush infection in her mouth?  Would you shriek, “Oh my gosh what the heck is wrong with our daughter’s mouth?!” […]

The Virgin Islands–which one is best?

St. John. No question, St. John is stunningly beautiful, easy to get to, uncrowded, unspoiled and all around perfect.  The first time Keith and I went there was on our honeymoon in 2003.  At the time, we were fancy free with no kids and a lot younger.  We were amazingly lucky to have two sets […]