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Travel Experts Tell All: Adventure Travel with Family

When most people go on a family vacation, they make it as easy as possible. A beach… maybe the mountains. But these traveling families take family vacations to a whole new level! Some bloggers tell me all about their favorite adventure travel with family. Melissa with The Family Voyage Do you ever feel like you […]


Should you book All-Inclusive or a La Carte?

When booking a vacation, a lot of families wrestle with the question, “Should we book all-inclusive or a la carte (European Plan)?” There are so many factors that go into that decision that I wrestle with it myself. In addition, there are different definitions of “all-inclusive” depending on where you are traveling. It sounds so […]


Over the top vacations to take after winning the lottery

Wondering what you would do with your life if you won the lottery? Keith and I love to think about what we would do with a huge chunk of money should we win the lottery. Aside from starting our own business or something along those lines, we would definitely travel. Probably not indefinitely, but for […]


Family watersport activities to try this summer

This a guest post by Jack Fischer, owner of Southern Rose Parasailing and Dolphin Cruises   Family Watersport Activities To Try This Summer   Few vacation days are more memorable than those spent on the water. With so many watersports available to kids and adults of all ages, there’s no reason not to spend more […]


5 Essential Apps for Travel with Kids

The following post is a guest post by Jess Signet, avid traveler and travel blogger at Tripelio.  She has spent the last 3 years traveling the globe and has no plans to slow down! 🙂 Traveling with kids can seem like a huge undertaking, and to be sure, it’s no easy feat.  However, with the integration […]


Eating in Key West with kids

On our recent cruise, our favorite stop was definitely Key West, a notorious party town. Docking that morning, we didn’t really have a plan for the day, other than wanting to see Hemingway’s house, and Keith was the only person who had been there…during his Spring Break, so a bit of a different feel. The town […]

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