Our trip to Los Cabos had plenty of things for families, both in town and in the resort. Aside from the blasting music at the resort, which I already written about, Los Cabos is a pretty great place for a family vacation. If you’re thinking about visiting soon, check out this list of ten family activities at Hyatt Ziva Cabo.

The water slide – the Kid’s Club has amazing waterslides and a water activity area. Three slides to be exact, one of them “super twisty”, said the kids.

Kid’s pool – The kid’s pool surrounds the waterslides and jungle gym. It’s a shallow pool, enabling the kids to safely have fun and the entire pool is surrounded by lounge chairs and umbrellas, giving the parents a place to relax.

The big pool – The big pool isn’t made for kids, meaning it’s not shallow and parents do need to keep an eye on their kids, but it has a volleyball net, a basketball net and tons of floaties. The kids had a great time taking turns on the floaties and Max and Keith had a fun game of basketball.

Kid’s Club/Teen’s Club – The clubs for kids and teens are pretty great – full of activities, toys and even Play Stations, which thrilled our kids.

Dozo Restaurant – The Japanese restaurant is so fun for kids! It’s a Hibachi grill and the chefs make the food right in front of you, tossing food in the air, juggling knives and setting things on fire (I know it sounds a little scary but honestly it’s fun). The kids had a blast. Although Zoe was so tired, she fell asleep in the middle of her main course.

La Hacienda and Zaffiro Restaurants – both restaurants are right on the beach, enabling kids to run around in the sand while waiting for your meal. Keith and I had a lovely hour of talking and sipping wine with no interuuption or crying because the kids were having a great time in the sand!

The toy check out – This very unobtrusive area by the pool is a gold mine. As a guest, you can check out footballs, basketballs, board games and even books. We checked out a football for a couple of days and Max and Keith had a great time with it on the beach.

Fun and Games – Although some of the entertainment got to be a little much and over the top, some of it was great. At the pool one day, the played a game where we had to “Guess Which Movie”.  DJ would play five seconds of a song, and everyone in the pool had to guess what movie it belonged to.  Every day at the pool had a different game to engage the guests.

Soccer, Corn Hole and Paddle Tennis – The resort does an admirable job of getting hotel guests together to play games. One day, Max and Keith were encouraged to play soccer. Max was excited to play with “the grownups”. Another day, we took a break from the pool to play a game of Corn Hole. The best part? A lady making fresh, made to order tacos, right next to the Corn Hole set.

A trip to see the famous Cabo arch – Granted this was outside of the resort, but the concierge was happy to give us advice on taxis, how to get a glass bottom boat and where to have lunch in Cabo San Lucas. For a $40 taxi, we took a day trip over to Cabo San Lucas, engaged a boat driver, and took a lovely, hour long trip out to see the Cabo arch. Along the way, we saw plenty of fish, Sea Lions, several beautiful beaches and passed over the line between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific ocean. To engage a boat, just walk to the marina. The locals will approach you. They are very friendly and will negotiate on price. Expect to pay at least $10 per person.

Our kids love Mexico and talk about it a lot – they seem to think it’s this far off exotic land, even though it’s only a 4 hour flight from Denver. We assume any Mexico vacation is going to be fun, regardless. But some resorts are more family friendly than others and Hyatt Ziva is spot on for family friendly activities.

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Interested in family activities at Hyatt Ziva Cabo? I would love to help. Contact me here and we can chat!

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