There are no shortage of tour and travel companies out there. Some are good, some are bad. Many families don’t even think about booking through a tour company and stick to the basics – Disney, a California beach. Maybe the Grand Canyon. But anyone who follows our blog knows that we’re all about experiencing the world and bringing our kids along for the ride! For people like us, a thoughtful, well planned itinerary is essential for seeing the world. The phrase “collect memories, not things” describes us to a T. And that’s why we were thrilled to find the best family travel company out there – Global Community.


Get ready for me to talk about Global Community often over the coming months because….well….it’s awesome. Coming from the standpoint of a mom, I’m excited that there is something in the travel space that is dedicated towards families. From the standpoint of a travel advisor, I’m thrilled that there is something out there specializing in helping families see the world and work hand in hand with travel advisors to give clients the best possible experience. Travel advising is on the rise and Global Community recognizes that.

The concept was developed by two friends – Keith Waldon and Christie Holmes. Both are not only brilliant at branding, but they are also parents and seasoned travelers. Keith has spent his entire career in the travel industry. Growing up in a small Texas town is what fueled Keith’s desire for travel. He saw first hand what happens when children are completely insulated and never shown other places – including racism, and assumptions and fear of other cultures. Christie’s foray into travel was a part of her childhood and she learned at a young age that she had a desire to experience other cultures. Recognizing that a proper family travel company really didn’t exist in the travel industry, they came up with the concept and spent a LOT of time developing itineraries for all over the world – including itineraries for families with young children (under 12) and families with teens, as well as adults only programs.

family-travel-company family-travel-company

Why did Christie and Keith develop this idea? Because they want to raise what they call “global citizens”. The motivation for booking any trip with Global Community is to experience a purposeful itinerary, filled with cultural experiences that help your children (and yourselves) immerse themselves in a different world. And to grow to appreciate the beauty and differences of the world around us. At the same time, the itineraries recognize that every moment traveling with young children can’t be a teaching moment and hotels and tours are very child friendly. From the moment you book a trip, Global Community works with your family to share details about the trip and culture with child friendly tools…..young children will receive a handmade doll and storybook, talking about the destination. Teens will receive social media applications to help them share their excitement. And the best part? Whole Planet Foundation, the Whole Foods Market foundation which funds poverty alleviation around the world has partnered with them to develop destination specific recipes and shopping lists. All in an effort to bring awareness to other cultures and get a family excited for their upcoming trip.



Wondering where a family travel company such as this plans itineraries? Here’s a short list:

  • Yellowstone and Teton national parks
  • Australia
  • Botswana
  • Colombia
  • Equador
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Portugal
  • Scotland


That’s just a short list. They are have a ton more and are developing new ones all the time. Global Community is truly designed to help you see the world with your children and guide you every step of the way to have the best possibly experience. I’ll be going into more details regarding Global Community, including more of their itineraries and destinations and their unique long term planning options, in the coming months. If you would like help developing a short or long term plan, I can help. Contact me here for more details on how to plan the perfect trip. 🙂






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